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You can set your ID and password and other data in the following form in stead of the default. The password will be updated to the new password if the new pasword is not blank. All the data except your name can be changed in the form. You can also use testnet root key for a test drive with some test coins from faucets.

Your Name  
Your Password   default to 'password'
New Password  
BIP32 xpub Root Key   the invoice will be the address index from 0 to 100 by the xpub root key tpubD6NzVbkrYhZ4YXLUChmGKtiUQSqfZQoriiWyW4aoWDTZ7QzfPjRHKYqekfNdirhF8Xy6Yvgd5Aet9bTdAoJ7dkBMAjfm8p58yskuKAVy8pQ at the path m/13
BIP32 Derivation Path   m/
Invoice Sequence Start  
Invoice Sequence End  
Currency Code