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Printing money shall not be a business to generate profit. If the government announces that the decimal point of money number will shift one digit right (or left) staring from 2016-1-1, then everything shall go on as normal; the number of the price of everything or the money amount in every form shall be 10 times (or 1/10 times) of the original number. No one will get real rich or get real poor. Without introducing new real resource into the society, the only way to get real rich for a person is by transaction where a person contributes to the counterparty, the same as thousand years ago on planet Earth and anywhere in the universe according to law of physics.

In summary:

  • the correct way to distribute new money, logically equivalent to shift of the decimal digit, is to distribute it proportionally based on the original money number that a person owns, just like the distribution of stock dividends.
  • every price changes at the same ratio as the money volume.
  • no one will get real rich or real poor by this distribution.
  • the wealth measured in term of real resource, a.k.a real wealth, remains the same as before the distributing.
  • the wealth measured in term of money, a.k.a nominal wealth, changes with the updated money volume.

People don't understand the nature of money and that is why a weird "debt money system" appeared where the government creates new money for its debt. The correct way for the government to borrow some money for anything is that: step 1, any new money shall distribute to all people following the proportional law mentioned above, step 2, the government borrows from whoever is willing to take the credit risk. However, the government is not distributing new money in this fair way. It distributes the new money more to the government itself or any criminal complicity with it, usually the country's major industry or banking industry. In this way, the government can achieve its funding for government spending/debt and people will not notice this and be angry compared with funding directly through the tax. Few people may come to data like this to see the huge gap between government spending/debt and the tax revenues while they do not buy any government bonds ever.

While the government and the criminal complicity keep low profile and quiet, the real resource are moved away from the 99% people and a person of this 99% people would not notice because his/her neighbor is highly possible also a person of the 99% people. Too juicy business to share, it is. This is why today all government is the only entity who is allowed to issue the country's fiat currency and also why the so-called "1% people" often come from the banking industry or the persons having good relationship with the government; they borrow the newly printed cash to buy real limited resource whose price will be higher later simply due to the increasing volume of currency and sell part of the purchased real limited resource later to repay the borrowed cash and claim a stake of money among the base money volume greater than their stake of the money before volume increased.

MIB shall prosecute these governments on planet Earth given the fact that the civilization of Earth has entered the e-money era and distributing the new money in the correct way is not a technical incapability.