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As the saying goes, "always risk what you can afford to lose". This is also a suggestion by investment veteran. However, things become ironic when it is the risk that the fiat currency might depreciate based on all macroeconomic metrics in a long run. Based on the money energy power may switch among all kinds of money and the proportional volume strategy to mitigate the uncertainty which currency would out win at last, Joe can position himself by the same logic.

The global narrow money data is available, it totals 41.224T USD currently. Therefore, since currently only three forks are significantly necessary for the consideration, each Joe's 1963k USD-equivalent fiat holding shall be accompanied with 1₿, aka 1 BTC and 1 BCH, or equivalently, 1 BTC and 1 BAB and 1 BSV. If Joe is more optimistic or pessimistic about bitcoin, he can put more or less in bitcoin by the benchmark. While the energy power shifts among these currencies, people shall care the currency's price in real energy term rather than nominal terms because nominal numbers will be frightening and misleading.

Note that the market price might be over or under the real fair price due to fundamental irrelevant sentiment, hence Joe still have the timing issue if he purchases bitcoin by fiat currencies.