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Kwiki has a PowerPoint-like slideshow built in. Give it a try.

Click Here to start the slideshow:

Welcome to the Kwiki Slide Show Example

  • Press spacebar to go to next slide
  • You can also click on the slide to advance

How it works

  • You create all your slides as a single wiki page
  • Slides are separated by horizontal lines


  • Press spacebar to go to next slide
  • Press backspace to go to previous slide
  • Press '1' to start over
  • Press 'q' to quit


  • You should probably adjust your fonts
  • Mozilla uses <ctl>+ and <ctl>-
  • Very handy for adjusting on the fly


  • Everything works in Mozilla and IE
  • Some browsers do not seem to respond well to the onkeypress events.
    • Often you can get around this by using backspace or delete to go back a slide.

Displaying Source Code

  • Here is some Javascript code:
function changeSlide(i) {
    var myForm = document.getElementsByTagName("form")[0];
    var myNum = myForm.getElementsByTagName("input")[0];
    i = i * 1;
    myVal = myNum.value * 1;
    myNum.value = myVal + i;
  • Here is some Perl code:
sub process {
    my ($self) = @_;
    return $self->cgi->size ? $self->open_window 
                            : $self->slide;

The End