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Create a multisig address for parties bound by a contract.

A group of N parties can request a M-of-N address by filling my service form and I will send back the M-of-N stuff to each of them via BtcDealMessage RSS feed.


N parties must be bound by a contract agreed somehow and somewhere to become a group. Because a bitcoin address represents a party, therefore each party must have a bitcoin address shown in the contract.

To apply a M-of-N address by filling in the BTC Notaries Application Form with the agreed contract and the signature by this address. The input contract of all parties must be identical in every way. After I receive all the N records, I will create the multisig stuff and send back to each party by BtcDealMessage RSS feed. Note that:

  • a signature not signed by address in the contract will nullify the application.
  • the content of the contract is not a factor to create the multisig or not, however, the identical contract filled by all parties is the critical factor. To the service, a contract is just a long words string about these addresses.


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