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The payment address also serves an invoice id as well. You shall scan it to pay at the price of 1000 satoshi B to read DonationToWebmaster which the auther sets the duration of the purchase at 1440 minutes. Be sure to spend your coins to the author's payment address at the correct satoshi amount; it is possible that the author leaves no useful infomation which you can contact to rollback the incorrect payment. The webmaster has no any liability about your transaction with the author.

After you pay from your wallet and wait 3.00041385875001 seconds in addition to assure the transaction safety of both parties, you can access the page by clicking DonationToWebmaster. You can revisit its URL after the purchase and before its expiration in 1440 minutes. You are advised to copy the URL as well in case for your revisit.

ordinary site

tor site


As mentioned in why use coins recorded in all chains, be sure to make the payment that can be recorded in all the necessary chains.

  • B : BTC, ABC, SV
  • BTC : BTC
  • BCH : ABC, SV
  • BAB : ABC
  • BSV : SV

invoice id / payment address :