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It is all about freedom and knowledge. Members have the following features:

  • Four kinds of visibility here:
    • private, only the owner can read and update and delete. This is the default visibility of a newly-created page of a member.
    • read only, all people except the owner can only read
    • add only, all people except the owner can only read and add new contents
    • public, all people can read and update. This is the visibility of a page without owner
  • page at a price
    • Members can create pages that the readers need to pay for read. The price is at the number of satoshi (1.0 coin equals to 100,000,000 satoshi)。
    • The site will issue invoice, also bitcoin address, based on the provided xpub root key and the derivation path. The readers use their own wallets to conduct the transactions. When the transactions are already staying in the block chains or mempool for enough time that a double spending is not economical (usually less than 10 seconds), the readers can then read the pages.
    • Pages with price have a dot to the left of their links, for example DonationToWebmaster1000 satoshi BTC. When mouse-over the link, the price set by the owner will show up. Readers will read a page about invoice and instruction after clicking a page with price. After payment and for some seconds which prevents double spending, the reader can click for read.
    • Non-members can still receive bitcoin by placing their payment address anywhere, not enjoying the functionality offered by the site mentioned above, essentially a donation. Members are able to possibly set a thank-you page with the donation price set by the author to those who donate for these free content, for example this page DonationToWebmaster1000 satoshi BTC to thank the webmaster who maintains the FAQ.
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